Downtown Northville is a very special place. Its quirky festivals, delicious restaurants, charming shops, and welcoming public spaces inspire people across Michigan to visit, enjoy, and remember fondly. Their eyes light up as they almost invariably say, “Oh! I love downtown Northville!”

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Well, great downtowns don’t just happen.

The Northville Downtown Development Authority has been working since 1978 to provide targeted financial support to the public improvements and projects necessary for a thriving, vibrant central business and commercial district – the mission of all DDAs. To ensure the wisest use of these funds, Northville’s DDA has elected to draft a Strategic Plan with the help of planning consultants at Beckett & Raeder, Inc. and market analysts at Land Use | USA.

This plan will build upon the very successful strategic planning effort conducted by the DDA in 2006, available for your review on the “Studies, Works, and Products” page of this site. Many of the action items in that plan have been completed, so an opportunity now exists to capitalize and expand on the successful fruits of that labor. Please stay tuned to this page for more information!

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